We Need Better Bible Teaching!

Typically, when you want something done well, you entrust the work to someone with experience. The church is no exception.

When Christians look for someone to keep up with physical building maintenance, they look for handy people with the skills to keep the building running. If the concern is heating and cooling, you defer to an HVAC professional. If the concern is wiring, you defer to an electrician. If the concern is plumbing, you defer to a plumber.

Somehow, Christians fail to see how this applies to keeping up the maintenance of the house of God.

Somehow, teaching seems to be an exception to the rule.

Somehow, when it comes to teaching, anyone will do.

If church leaders desire effective teaching, then why do they refuse to defer to those who educate others for a living? Is it because teaching is easy? If that’s true, then why do we require teachers to commit to several years of study and several hundred hours of observation and practice before we hand them a classroom full of students? Is it because teaching the Bible is somehow different than teaching anything else? If that’s true, then why do we find no specifications in Scripture as to how we should provide unique biblical instruction to the humans God Himself designed? Is it because we don’t care enough about Bible teaching? If that’s true, then why do we engage in it at all?

If church leaders want to see better quality Bible teaching in the churches they lead, it’s time to start listening to those among their number who know what effective and engaging education looks like.